EPS: Camargue, France

Join us for a discovery of the awesome French Camargue, bird and nature paradise, while simultaneously improving your photography skills. We'll be shooting morning till evening, in cooperation with several national parks and ornithological sites, which will allow us access to normally secluded areas.

The Camargue houses a large variety of wading birds, song birds and raptors, and we should of course not forget the local bird which stands as the symbol for the Camargue, the Greater Flamingo.

For more information about the Camargue, please visit my travel blog.

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Camargue wildlife

All year through the Camargue offers a varied wildlife, with in Spring the returning migratory birds, busy in finding a mate or building nests, and starting May/June, the highly active parent birds, taking care of their chicks and returning with fish. In Summer the juveniles can be observed, while giving a beautiful spectacles in trying their first flight or their trials to catch fish. And in Fall, the Camargue is the place to be, to watch migratory birds arrive from Northern Europe, and others getting ready to depart to Northern Africa.

Below are a limited number of images of birds and insects that can be observed throughout the year.

Camargue gallery

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