About me

JAV61 Photography

France based photo journalist, nature and wildlife photographer
Bruyant mountain stream in the French Vercors mountain range

I'm George Vittman, a France based photo journalist and photographer, specializing in nature and wildlife.

The goal of my work is to record what my eyes see and enjoy, and to share this with the public, to let them also enjoy the recording of our beautiful planet earth. Photography often offers me inspiring challenges, in which I love to squeeze the best out of our technology.

Please visit my portfolio, showing some selected recent photographs that I like in particular, and I hope that you will appreciate my personal art as well.

If questions, if you would like to work together with me, or for buying prints,  please use the "contact" link above, and I'll get back to you ASAP, hoping to be able to assist you.

And please don't forget to visit me at Flickr

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